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Our Capabilities

Laser Cutting

Станок лазерной резки

Laser cutting is an extremely efficient process for cutting sheet or sheet metal and is an excellent solution for customers working with complex profiles that require tight tolerances and accuracy.

Metal bending machine

Станок для гибки металла

The use of metal bending allows you to obtain a product with high accuracy of angles and linear dimensions. As a result, the element acquires the required shape while remaining seamless.

Stamping machine

Штамповочная машина VT-300

The CNC punching press allows you to both perforate metal sheets with holes of various shapes and make complex flat parts using a set appropriate tools.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting of sheet metal

Лазерная резка металла в Беларуси

Laser cutting has a number of advantages over conventional mechanical cutting systems. One of the noticeable advantages of this method is its exceptional accuracy thanks to the use of fully automated movement with CNC control.


Laser cutting of pipes

Лазерная резка металла в Беларуси

We provide laser cutting services for profile and round rolled metal of various thicknesses and geometries. High cutting quality with great precision. Using lasers to cut pipes has many advantages over mechanical cutting methods such as sawing and drilling.


Laser cutting prices
sheet metal

  • Black ave. up to 1 mm from 0.56 rub.
  • Black ave. up to 5 mm from 1 ,46 rub.
  • Black pr. up to 10 mm from 2.97 rub.
  • Stainless steel. approx. up to 1 mm from 0.69 rub.
  • Stainless steel approx. up to 2 mm from 0.93 rub.
  • Stainless steel. approx. up to 4 mm from 1.50 rub.

Laser price
pipe cutting

  • Pipe cuttingOn request
  • Pipe cuttingOn request
  • Pipe cuttingOn request
  • Pipe cuttingOn request
  • Pipe cuttingOn request
  • Cutting pipesOn request
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Metal bending

Sheet metal bending

Гибка металла


Metal bending is a rather complex technological process in which everything needs to be carefully calculated.

Our capabilities in metal bending:

— High speed, high accuracy, high strength;
— Electro-hydraulic servo system, complete with
drum timing feedback;
— Work table with automatic hydraulic
compensation of deformation, which allows for bending
appropriate depth and accuracy.

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Prices for metal bending

  • Sheet ≤ 1 mm from 0.35 rub.
  • Sheet ≤ 3 mm from 0.47 rub.
  • Лист ≤ 5 мм from 2.54 rub.
  • Sheet ≤ 8 mm from 4.08 rub.
  • Sheet ≤ 10 mm from 5.21 rub.
  • Sheet ≤ 12 mm from 6.09 rub.
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Polymer painting

Лазерная резка металла в Беларуси

Polymer painting is a worthy alternative to applying liquid paints. During operation, the coating demonstrates high resistance to the negative effects of chemicals and detergents. The strength of this type of painting is achieved due to the high adhesion between the composition and the metal surface.

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Лазерная резка металла в Беларуси

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